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Breztop polyethylene braided netting

Designed to reduce the drag of your trawls, BrezTop will help you to save fuel.
BrezTop is lighter than standard green PE for the same breaking strength. For example, you can replace standard 4 mm green PE netting
with 3 mm BrezTop to make your trawl 20 % lighter and easier to tow.
A combination of high tenacity monofilaments and a special twine construction have made it possible to give BrezTop twine a high breaking
strength, with an exceptionally high breaking strength in the knot as well.


Fabricant de Filets de Pêche | Le Drezen

Diameter Runnage (m/kg) Twine breaking strength Knot breaking strength
1,2 mm 770 m/kg 60 kg 75 kg
1,7 mm 526 m/kg 84 kg 113 kg
2 mm 367 m/kg 110 kg 161 kg
3 mm 238 m/kg 189 kg 245 kg
4 mm 200 m/kg 230 kg 280 kg

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