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Brezline polyethylene braided netting

BREZLINE twines are made according to Le Drezen's own rigorous manufacturing process and with strict quality control at every stage.

More resistant

A unique process allows us to increase significantly its resistance to abrasion.


More stable

The compactness of BREZLINE twine minimises the penetration of impurities such as sand and sediment into the twine itself, resulting in a higher mesh stability.
As the BREZLINE fibres are hard, the netting is passed through a double autoclave heatsetting process to ensure that the knots are tight.

More profitable

Our customers have seen better catch rates when using BREZLINE codends, especially on species such as squid, red mullet and prawn. BREZLINE in the codends of trawlers working on hard grounds has been repeatedly shown to last much longer than standard green PE netting.



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Diameter Runnage (m/kg) Twine breaking strength Knot breaking strength
1,8 mm 510 m/kg 67 kg 90 kg
2,5 mm 338 m/kg 105 kg 137 kg
3 mm 235 m/kg 142 kg 186 kg
4 mm 145 m/kg 248 kg 329 kg
5 mm 105 m/kg 327 kg 428 kg
6 mm 70 m/kg 436 kg 623 kg
8 mm 40 m/kg 866 kg 991 kg

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