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Dyneema braided netting

Ultra tough, ultra light. At equal diameter, 15% more resistant than steel.

Dyneema is an ultra resistant polyethylene fiber that allows using strands of a smaller diameter (and so, lighter too). At equal diameter, it provides a breaking strength far beyond traditional materials.

The drag can be reduced up to 40% for fishing gears equipped with Dyneema. Comparing 2 trawls of equal dimensions, the one equipped with Dyneema decreases a lot the fuel consumption.

Dyneema shows a great resistance to UV, salted water, abrasion, and has a good breaking strength. Its duration is also much longer than common materials.

Braided Dyneema

Diameter Runnage (m/kg) Twine breaking strength
1,4 mm 1290 m/kg 160 kg
2,3 mm 660 m/kg 340 kg
2,52 mm 400 m/kg 420 kg
2,82 mm 320 m/kg 570 kg

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