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A french production in the heart of the fishing industry in Brittany
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Our production process

Our production process combines traditional know-how with the most efficient modern technology.

Nylon and polyethylene twines are braided on ultra-modern machines, and our netting is laced on state-of-the-art weaving looms.

The netting is then treated in wet vapour at 110°C. to 130°C. under high pressure in our autoclave. This process, developed by our team of engineers, perfectly tightens the knots and homogeneously stabilises the meshes. Our autoclave treatment considerably reduces the shrinking of the meshes in the water.

Fabricant de Filets de Pêche | Le DrezenFabricant de Filets de Pêche | Le DrezenFabricant de Filets de Pêche | Le Drezen
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