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A french production in the heart of the fishing industry in Brittany
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Innovation : high performance products for fishing at a lower cost

As part of a continuous drive to meet the ever changing needs of the market, Le Drezen has developed several types of braided twines :

Brezline : PE compact

Higher resistance to abrasion than standard green PE. Great for rocky grounds. A big success over the years since it was launched!

Breztop : High Tenacity PE twine

This twine allows the use of smaller diameters while still offering the same resistance to abrasion as standard green PE, thus diminishing drag and helping to reduce fuel consumption.

Brezforce : Very compact PE netting for shrimp codends

Our Brezforce presents a great resistance to abrasion and doesn't shrink at sea. Its compactness reduces the penetration of dirt and sediment, the twine diameter doesn't increase and the mesh remains stable during the lifetime of the codend.

Polysteel : New generation polypropylene

30% more resistant than a classic PP of equal diameter and runnage.

Brezsquid : Photoluminescent PE for squid fisheries

This product will optimize your results concerning squid fishing : the white and glow-in-the-dark braid attracts squids and herd them to the center of the trawl, to ensure a minimal loss. 

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